Adjunct Faculty Handbook 2012-2013

Accessing Intranet from Home
The campus intranet for employees of Citrus College may be accessed from off campus.
1. Connect to the World Wide Web.
2. Open up your browser window, and type in the address bar:
3. You will be prompted for the following information: username, password and domain (varies on some browsers).
4. You will use your regular network login provided to you by TeCS.  As an example, the information may look something like this (depending on which browser you use):

Username: jdoe
Password: ****** (use your network password)


Password: ******

Accessing Email from Home
You can access your Outlook email from off-campus by typing into the web address field:  
To log-in, use your own username and password, as you would while on campus.

Accessing Intranet from Citrus College
To connect while on campus, just type http://intranet in the web address field. You will be able to see old, as well as current, emails and your calendar, but the contacts folder must be recreated.